Bangladesh is a country of rivers. Most of the goods from its seaports are transported through the country’s riverine routes. Occupying about 11% of the country, with some 700 natural rivers & tributaries and an overall 24,000 km-long network crisscrossing the country, Bangladesh has one of the largest inland waterway networks in the world, connecting almost all the major cities, towns, and commercial centers of the country. Almost 40% of the classified river network shrinks during the dry season, making navigation difficult. 6,000 km is navigable by larger vessels in the rainy season while in the dry season about 4,347 km is navigable.

Water Transport refers to the network for inland waterways. In Bangladesh about two-thirds of the land is vulnerable to flooding. Most areas remain under water for two to five months a year. As a result, costs of development and maintenance of roads and railways are continue…….